Easter Trainee - Catch Easter eggs and rescue chicks

4.5 ( 8405 ratings )
ألعاب الترفيه الممرات
المطور: Robert Heuer
0.99 USD

So everything works out for Easter perfectly, Ronald Rabbit has to practice a little. Help the Easter Trainee to catch the right stuff. But be careful: Not everything gives points.

The game has 7 levels. Each level is faster and more extensive. If the Easter Trainee catches the wrong stuff, it looses some points.

If you tap on the screen, the Easer Trainee throws a stick and tries to destroy the object.

If you like, you can share your highscore with your friends or subscribe to Easter Trainees highscore list.

Aprospos: There is a highscore list for each day, so you can prove your skills every day and one allstar-highscore list - almost for eternity ;-). Registration is not necessary, your nickname is enough.

Have fun!

importent information:
- no advertisements
- no InApp-purchases

You will need an internet connection for highscore.